Steve F (Agent Member)

I would provide only positive feedback to you about Agent Base. Having been on both sides of the fence so to speak, as both a principal and as an agent, I have had very good experience of working with your organisation.

My first contact with Agent Base several years ago was when I was looking for sales agents for my own business.

More recently I have been looking for products or services to sell myself and was introduced to Payment Sense (merchant services) via yourselves in 2011. I was a self-employed agent for them for a time.

Some months ago you advertised me in a special section of your website. (This is the Agency Search facility. Ed.) In any case I had three enquiries in very quick succession and met all of the principles concerned. I have found this route the most effective as far as I am concerned and I hope you will continue to advertise my details as prominently as possible on your AgentBase web site.