In total, I must have had close to 60 calls. I am thrilled to have such a great team in place, all thanks to AgentBase.

Hi Paul

I just wanted to drop you a few lines to express my thanks to you and your company.

I will write here a brief account of my experience using AgentBase, and I would then invite you to allow others to view my comments.

During 2009 I was in negotiations with a European manufacturer to take their already highly successful product (the brand) into the UK market place. As things started to look positive, I established (the company) and made ready for the launch of the brand. Early in 2010 (the company) was awarded the sole import and distribution rights for the UK and ROI. It was at this point that ironically AgentBase contacted me. I had originally contacted AgentBase towards the latter part of 2009 when I wanted to recruit agents/distributors for the company. At that time, and given the start up situation, I decided to go with a cheaper company. For many years I have preached to people my belief of ‘buy cheap and buy twice’ or even ‘cheap can be expensive’. Well, I cannot believe I chose to ignore my very own best advice. The rival company to AgentBase was cheaper by some 20%. However, after a month in their magazine and with a targeted mail-shot, I received just two calls! I had a meeting with just one of the companies who contacted me, and even that lead nowhere. I was left questioning myself as to, “did I have such a good product after all”? “Was I offering enough of an incentive for my agents”?

So………. Back to the follow up call from AgentBase. I guess the timing was good, as you caught me on a high, having just taken the rights to (the brand). However, I was by no means a push-over. Your representative was informative, very patient, as well as understanding as to my requirements and of my doubt! Eventually, I gave in to his persuasion and agreed to place a listing on the AgentBase website.

I could talk here as to how my advert was generated by your in-house team of designers, and how pleased I was with the seamless process, and I guess I just have!

My listing on AgentBase went live at the beginning of April…………… Wow! When it did, suddenly my working hours were extended to twelve hour days in order to cope with the time required in talking to potential agents, as well as running my company. These words are the absolute truth. “For almost three weeks I had to work each and every evening in an effort to talk to all those who had made contact regarding the opportunity with (the brand)”.

I am writing to you now in the middle of May. And from my words above, you, and anyone reading this will no doubt be itching to know where I am with the business now. Well let me tell you. I have now twelve agents on-board, who I like to think work with me, as opposed to ‘for me’. I am thrilled to have such a great team in place, all thanks to AgentBase. In total, I must have had close to sixty calls, and I would say in the main, the callers were sensible business minded people.

To conclude. I was totally convinced that (the brand) stood a good chance to succeed here in the UK. It has enjoyed an unrivalled success right across Europe and in fact the UK is the 42nd country it has entered. However, no matter how good a brand or product you have, or service you provide, without the right people behind you, failure will be your fate. For me, AgentBase helped me find the right people. So, perhaps one day, when (the brand) is a household name, you can be proud in the knowledge that AgentBase provided that vital foundation stone.

My sincere regards,