Factsheet – Keep it Simple: The Sales Agent Management Mantra!

In general Keep It Simple (KIS) is an overriding principle when dealing with agents.

Simple is good. Simple products/services are always best for sales agents. Self-employed commission-only sales agents tend to work best with simple products and arrangements.

Complexity can kill! If you have a complex offering, then try to rationalise it as much as possible. Once a sales agent has achieved some success (and therefore gained confidence), you might consider broadening the range. Complex situations often require a lot of training, which is not usually popular with self-employed commission-only sales reps as it takes them away from selling (or home) for long periods. Complex situations may also require an unrealistic share of the sales agent’s ‘brain space’. If the range is too wide or product/service too complex to start with, the sales agent may not remember enough of the essential facts to make an effective sales presentation. Remember that the typical sales agent has several other principals’ product ranges, policies, prices, etc. to remember too. Also the offering of the option to be an introducer agent may further reduce the problems of complexity.

Working with sales agents can be an ideal way to grow a business or launch a new product with minimal costs. Often sales agents are the most cost-effective, quickest and lowest risk route to market. They may also simply be the best strategy when trying to open up new markets, where pre-existing customer relationships are key.

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