The Agent Training course was Great!


Hi Terry,

Just wanted to say thank you for your time today.

The Agent Training course was Great!

Your knowledge, experience and passion for Freelance Agency shone through, I have a much deeper understanding of all aspects of the course and I’m keen to begin my own journey.

Many thanks, Emma

I’m am feeling very excited about my new venture of being a sales agent


I’m am feeling very excited about my new venture of being a sales agent after my training with Terry and AgentBase.

Terry took me through every detail, gave me all the links I need in order to start a successful agency. Can’t thank Terry enough for his enthusiasm, knowledge and support through the course and for inspiring me to make it happen.

Really looking forward to getting back in touch with Terry to let him know I have secured my first agency.”
Karen Walker

Iain R. (Agent Member)

Great company to work with. They listen to the type of opportunity you are looking for, get to know you as a person so that they can match you to the right customer and do not inundate you with any old opportunity. A pleasure to deal with.

Derek B (Agent Member)

I have been a member for many years and I am very pleased with your company. Never had a bad word from any of the people I have talked to on the phone or having a meeting with. I hope your agency keeps going. It’s a very good service you are supplying 

Mike C (Agent Member)

I have been a member for some time now, and over the course of time I have been able to get great feedback and market Intelligence from the newsletters and the sort of agencies being offered.

Thank you for the service you offer

Derek J C (Agent Member)

Good service. I applied for a Southern Agent position with a contract manufacture of waterproof personal protection equipment and secured the self-employed role.

Steve F (Agent Member)

I would provide only positive feedback to you about Agent Base. Having been on both sides of the fence so to speak, as both a principal and as an agent, I have had very good experience of working with your organisation.

My first contact with Agent Base several years ago was when I was looking for sales agents for my own business.

More recently I have been looking for products or services to sell myself and was introduced to Payment Sense (merchant services) via yourselves in 2011. I was a self-employed agent for them for a time.

Some months ago you advertised me in a special section of your website. (This is the Agency Search facility. Ed.) In any case I had three enquiries in very quick succession and met all of the principles concerned. I have found this route the most effective as far as I am concerned and I hope you will continue to advertise my details as prominently as possible on your AgentBase web site.

Michael C (Agent Member)

Your site is a brilliant site and have viewed it regularly since you first started and it has given me a few opportunities in the past. 

Can’t find fault in it at all and your monthly mag was also a very good idea to refresh my memory of the great opportunities you have supplied me with the previous month. 

Keep up the good work! 

Colin F (Agent Member)

I always found your service first class and would always recommend you. Keep up the good work.

Paul F (Agent Member)

Keep up the good work, I’m sure your model will continue to flourish

Chris B (Agent Member)

As a self-employed sales agent I find AgentBase an excellent source of finding opportunities. Thanks to AgentBase I have for example been representing Robert Fuller Gallery for 4 years.

The emails are really easy to access and the summary reminder email is useful.

David B (Agent Member)

The adverts are always clear, with an appropriate level of relevant information. 

John (Agent Member)

I joined about 5/6 years ago. My wife & I came to one of your ‘Becoming an agent’ seminars at your office. Now we are a team of four & business is doing great, 20% up year on year.

I always have a look at the regular updates you send through.

I have sent many other potential agents & current agents to your site, as they too are looking for principals. I think your site is a very good, very easy to use website, & covers all the bases. It always seems up-to-date & current too, great job, well done.

I would highly recommend every agent joining AgentBase as they offer so many opportunities & have a wealth of experience to share. I think you’re done a great job, & thanks for all your efforts.

Simon (Agent Member)

I have been a member since 2007 and have found AgentBase very useful. I have managed to find agencies. I have worked for 1 in particular which was an amazing agency offering 15% commission and free stock replacement. Heaven sent to any sales agent. I keep looking and I am grateful to agent base. I find it easy to use and well presented.

Kind Regards

Jack B (Agent Member)

Although officially retired I was keeping half an eye on possible opportunities in order to run a part time project. Full retirement does not suit me. I found what looks like a perfect fit via AgentBase so thank you. A great service in general. Thank you.

Michael P B (Agent Member)

We owe you a thank you. Through AgentBase we developed some useful relationships which have provided good income streams and the possibility of others.

Interestingly we are now considering using Agent Base to attract Agents to sell our services to new markets.

Ted B (Agent Member)

AgentBase is great because I don’t have to go chasing opportunities, they get delivered to my inbox. It is easy then to sieve through these and find the ones that are of interest. There is always something every week that deserves my attention.

Colm C (Agent Member)

I would have absolutely no problem recommending you or your company to any sales agent looking to build their portfolio of principals.

I am new the Irish agent for MANUSEC hospitality products from France and was introduced to them via AgentBase. We are working very well together and have great plans for the future.

The service and the potential opportunities are fantastic and I always look forward to the beginning on the month when your new magazine comes out.

I have been introduced to other principals which didn’t work out, this was due to a combination of me, the product or the principal. Never AgentBase, you supply great connections but sometimes relationships just don’t work out.

Nigel B (Agent Member)

I have found your site to be very useful. I secured one of my agencies through your site, and also find it the best way available for me to keep up to date on other opportunities out there.

As a relatively new agent (4 years) I have also found the legal advice and information section to be very helpful

Keep up the good work

Norman B (Agent Member)

As a long time user of Agent Base and having found a couple of worthwhile agencies over time, I would strongly advocate any agent to use Agent Base.

Diarmuid D (Agent Member)

You are doing just fine, and I find your magazine excellent.

Jonathan E (Agent Member)

I like the format and idea of AgentBase.

Martin D (Agent Member)

In my opinion, the service you provide is top notch as the way it is digitally presented, I do find it very helpful. I enjoy your mail coming in because you never know what’s in there by way of picking up a good product.

Steve C (Agent Member)

I have always found your company to be ready to respond promptly with enquiries I have made and added to which your own Agents are always very helpful and “On the Ball”.

The monthly magazine is always very interesting.

Angela B (Agent Member)

I have loved the amount of opportunities that you have offered, and a large variety of products and services. Always informative and we’ll displayed , and easy to follow instructions how to apply.

Marcus B (Agent Member)

What you do really well is keep in touch with specific agency opportunities, general advert. lists and the magazine.
I really like the transparency of Agents and Principals being able to see the advice and services you provide to both.

Derek H. B (Agent Member)

When you founded AgentBase you opened up a whole new world of opportunity for people like me. Thank you.

Through AgentBase I was appointed Sales Agent for Zeba (Europe) Rugs & Textiles in Scotland and never looked back – I am now 67 and still involved in the Flooring Industry where I began 49 years ago!

I have been a Member since 2002 and still checking every online edition to make sure I’m not missing anything!
Congratulations on your success since 1993 and three cheers to AgentBase.