How it Works


We have thousands of sales agents on our books. Most of them are passively looking for agency opportunities all the time, keeping an eye out for something interesting whilst concentrating on everyday business.

However, some of our members are PRO-ACTIVELY ON THE LOOKOUT for something in particular! And they are advertising their requirements in this section.

Why are sales agents advertising in this section?

  • They may have been asked for something in particular by their customers.
  • They may have spotted an opportunity in the marketplace
  • They may have a gap in their product portfolio
  • They may have surplus time on their hands
  • They might be new to agency work and be feverishly building their portfolio!

Whatever their reason, they have taken time out to tell us all about it.

In this section you can have a look at THEIR requirements – to see if any match what YOU have to offer.

Then you can see if you would like to meet any of them.

Remember – this is just a tiny selection of AgentBase members – just those that have told us about a specific requirement THIS MONTH. Next month their profile may be gone from this system. So don’t delay!

You can browse them all, or search using keywords.


Please remember that if you cannot find agents that suit you in this section, it doesn’t mean they aren’t on our books. This is just a tiny selection from the many thousands of sales agents who are AgentBase members. Contact us for details of other ways to meet your requirements.