Monthly Seminar Presentation on Sales Agent Strategy:

‘How to Succeed with Sales Agents’

Presented by either:
Paul Brown, MD & Founder of AgentBase
Jeff Way, Experienced Active Sales Agent, & AgentBase Sales Agent Recruitment Consultant
John Plaster, Experienced Active Sales Agent, & AgentBase Sales Agent Recruitment Consultant

Course Objectives

  • To give you a working understanding of the nature of doing business with sales agents
  • To help you towards making decisions as to whether sales agents are a viable route to market for your business.
  • To equip you with a clear understanding of all the main elements of an effective sales agent strategy.
  • To give you a route map of how to successfully recruit & manage sales agents, avoiding the pitfalls.
  • For you to leave with a completed action plan

In summary, we will give you the knowledge and tools required to formulate and implement an effective and successful sales agent recruitment and management campaign.

Other Features

  • Full day
  • Professional conference venue in Kenilworth
  • Restaurant lunch & unlimited refreshments
  • Planning workshop
  • Free comprehensive Support Pack

Please note: This is NOT a sales platform. We will not attempt to sell you any of our services (unless you specifically ask). We won’t even try to sell you the concept of using sales agents. You can expect brutal warts-and-all honesty. We pride ourselves on honest, factual, thorough and objective content.


  • Introduction
    • The basics
    • How does a sales agent work?
    • Benefits
    • Costs & Pitfalls
    • Alternatives
      • Agents v Reps
      • Agents v Distributors
    • The perfect agency opportunity
    • Sales agent behaviour
    • Typical sales agent profiles
    • The agent’s portfolio
  • Planning your agent strategy
    • Essentials of a successful sales agent strategy
    • The Strategy Statement
  • Attracting the best sales agents
    • Advertising
    • How to construct an advert
    • How NOT to advertise
  • Sales Agent Recruitment
    • The Agent Information Pack
    • Interviews / meetings
    • Attrition
  • Contracting & Legal Aspects
    • The Commercial Agents Regulations
    • Terminating an agent
  • Sales Agent Management
    • Territories
    • Motivation & Incentives
    • Targets & Reporting
    • Commission
    • Retainers & Expenses
    • Bonuses
    • Control
    • Channel conflict
    • Training
  • Summary & Conclusion
    • What agents are looking for
    • How far will agents take you on your journey?
    • Summary
    • The next steps
  • Workshop
    • The aim is for delegates to leave with a completed action plan
    • Pre-seminar questionnaire sent out to all delegates for completion before seminar
    • Senior AgentBase consultants in attendance
    • Work with your existing AgentBase contact where possible
    • We will address your individual situation, answer your questions, and guide you forward
Details & Cost
Location: Woodside Hotel & Conference Ctr, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, UK
Frequency: Approx. every 6 weeks (see next event dates below)
Duration: Start 10.30, end approx. 16.30
Included: Restaurant buffet lunch, unlimited refreshments, course notes, support pack, workshop.
1st delegate £295
2nd delegate £200 (total £495)
3rd+ delegates +£150 each

Next Events:

Date Presenter
Monday 9th December Jeff Way
Monday 20th January 2020 Jeff Way
Monday 24th February John Plaster
Monday 30th March Jeff Way
Monday 11th May John Plaster
Monday 22nd June Jeff Way
Monday 17th August John Plaster

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