Once you have your new sales agents in place, they will need to be managed.

As with recruitment, management of sales agents is very different to management of employees. How? Why?

  • Agents:
  • aren’t employed
  • are more like partners
  • work remotely
  • generally don’t like being managed!
  • need to be managed as individuals
  • don’t like reporting
  • don’t like targets

We can assist you with this process. We provide cost-effective, hands-on expert assistance that will help ensure the success of your agent recruitment program.

At AgentBase, we have been working with sales agents since 1993. We have helped manage teams of sales agents on dozens of occasions. Let us bring our extensive experience to bear.

All our management consultants are highly experienced SALES AGENTS themselves. This gives them a unique ability to build rapport, break down barriers, spot issues, prevent problems, and build the most productive relationships possible will all of your agents.

Our Service
We will act as your outsourced sales agent management function, leaving you to focus on your core business activities. This service not only keeps things running smoothly, but also gives us the insight to be able to prevent and cure issues before they become serious problems. If you are inexperienced in sales agent management, one of the main challenges is seeing problems coming; and by the time a problem has been identified, it is often too late to fix it and the whole project can be at risk. Benefit from our extensive experience in managing sales agents, and enjoy the services of an expert sales agent manager.

  • Typical Management Package
  • Periodic calls to all agents
  • Key staff liaison
  • Training as required
  • Monthly management reporting
  • Monthly commission payment system check (timely prompts to agents to submit invoices, and accounts staff to produce statements and issue payments)
  • Being available for advice and mentoring

The service is tailored to your budget and requirements and provided on an hourly rate, so you only pay for what you need.



Call us now to discuss your requirements, and for a full explanation of our services. One of our experienced consultants will be happy to help:
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