When you’re ready to expand your product or service into Spain, we’re here and ready to help you to recruit sales agents there.

Sales agents are an attractive market entry strategy for any exporter looking for a quick and cost-effective way to enter new markets.

Spain offers an emerging opportunity for your business. The Spanish economy is the fourth-largest in the Eurozone with a GDP of over €1 trillion. It imported €270 billion worth of goods in 2009, with the UK being their 6th biggest supplier. Time to get a piece of the action?!

There are 47 million people, 3.2 million businesses, and their economy is about to emerge from recession. English is widely spoken with English being the most widely spoken foreign language. Travel is quick and affordable, and time zone differences insignificant. Their currency is stable, and trading within Europe is very easy. The Spaniards are used to the British and to British culture, and they welcome us with open arms as still the UK’s favourite holiday destination. So now is a great time to look to enter this local and emerging export market.

Sales agents in Spain work in basically the same way as they do in the UK. They are self-employed, commission-only, business-to-business sales professionals.

Working with sales agents in Spain is an established practice. There is an increasing number of sales people in Spain working on a purely commission-only basis, and the profession is attracting young, dynamic, eager entrepreneurs hungry for success.

How Does It Work?

It’s basically an introduction service. In a nutshell, we source, brief, profile and screen prospective agents (reps) and then make personal introductions. We provide free translation services at all stages.

We start by working together to determine the profile of the ideal sales agent for you.

Then we need to find out all about you – your product/service, and your company. We also need to understand your agency opportunity.

Once we know what kind of agents you are looking for, and all about you and your agency opportunity, we start to promote your opportunity to selected members of our contact base of Spanish agents.

Once they express an interest we profile them, screen them and select the best candidates for you.

Then we make the introductions.

Finally, you interview them and select those you want to work with.

Our Guarantee

AgentBase Spain does not merely supply you with a list of names from a database hoping they´ll be interested in your product or service. Our rigorous selection procedure allows us to ensure that all agents that we introduce to you will meet ALL these three criteria:

  • The sales agent sells to the type of clients you specify.
  • The sales agent has expressed positive interest in your proposal.
  • All agents we introduce you to will have received detailed information about your company, products / services, and the agency specifications.


Sales Agent Introductions start at just €250 per qualified candidate.

AGENTS € tota € / agent


















Additional Services

AgentBase Spain offers you the following services in addition to the sales agent introduction service:

  • Setting up of a meeting agenda with all sales agents
  • Escort service throughout your meeting agenda, counseling and guiding you in the process
  • Legal pack: we supply you with a specific agency contract adapted to Spanish legislation and advice you on any amendments you require

Additional charges apply – please ask for details.

Sales Team Management

Many clients also require a Spain-based Sales Manager for their new sales team. We are Spanish nationals who are fluent in English and who have first hand experience in both commission-only sales, and in managing commission-only sales teams in Spain. We have experience across a variety of industries, products and services. We can assist with ongoing sales agent management, and consult to you on related matters. If you are interested, please ask for further details.
Sales Management is provided on a negotiable daily rate. Please provide details of your requirements.


Contact us now to find out how we can assist you to break into the USA in the most cost-effective way possible.