When you’re ready to expand your product or service into the USA market, we’re here and ready to help you to recruit sales agents there.

Sales agents are an attractive market entry strategy for any exporter looking for a quick and cost-effective way to enter new markets.

It goes without saying that the USA offers huge potential for your business. There are 317 million people, 18 million businesses, and unlimited opportunities. It is the world’s largest economy with a GDP of $16 trillion, and now clearly out of recession with strong growth, low inflation, and falling unemployment. It imported $2.3 trillion worth of goods in 2012. Wouldn’t just a small slice of that be nice?!

Obviously they speak the same language (mostly!), travel is straightforward and affordable, and time zone differences are manageable. Their currency is stable and USA-UK trading is relatively easy. Culturally we are closely aligned and the UK is seen as ‘cool’ by Americans. So now is a great time to look to enter this exciting and potentially very lucrative market.

Sales agents in America work in basically the same way as they do in the UK. They are self-employed, commission-only, business-to-business sales agents. The main difference is one of terminology: Sales agents in America are called Independent Sales Reps (ISRs). But don’t confuse them with the salaried sales reps we are familiar with in the UK! – it’s strictly commission-only.

Working with business to business sales agents (ISRs) in the USA is even more normal than it is here in the UK. Practically all sales people in America work on a commission-only basis. American sales people expect to be paid purely on results. How refreshing!

For business to business agents in the USA, we’re proud to partner with a USA-based, specialised independent sales agent recruiting/matching firm. Their service is similar to what we offer at AgentBase, but there are differences in processes and pricing.

What is exactly the same is that we share with our American partners, the dedication to providing a quality service to match you with the best possible business to business sales agents.


Contact us now to find out how we can assist you to break into the USA in the most cost-effective way possible.