Advert Rates

Please contact us for full details:

Tel +44 (0)1926 864200



All ads will be posted as follows:

Advert Links

All adverts contain email and website links, and video links can be added if required at no extra cost.

Deadline & Publication Dates


Copy is required by the 25th of the month preceding publication. The Magazine is published around the 1st of every month.


This has no deadline and is updated on a daily basis.

Mechanical Data (dimensions)

Magazine format: Full featured interactive multi-media digital magazine, based on original A4 printed magazine.

Website: adverts are repeated in the Agency Opportunities Area (Sizes as per existing)

Adverts will be displayed at approximately these sizes when viewed on a typical PC or laptop screen.

Graphic Design / Artwork

We provide a FREE professional graphic design service. Alternatively, you are welcome to provide your own artwork.

A proof will be emailed to you for approval or amendment prior to publication. A digital magazine voucher link will be sent to you in due course.

Video and Flash files can be incorporated into your advert free of charge, and will of course enhance the impact of your advert, so please feel free to utilise this feature.

Supplying your own artwork? 

Adverts must be supplied in editable pdf format with fonts embedded. They must also be supplied at the correct size (see below) with no bleed or crop marks.

Size W (mm) H (mm) Orientation
Extra large / Full Page 174 x 230 Portrait
Large / Half Page 174 x 113 Landscape
Medium / Quarter Page 84 x 113 Portrait

A proof will be emailed to you for approval or amendment prior to publication. If advertising in the digital magazine a voucher copy will be sent to you in due course.


We can work with most files, but ideally we would like FLV or F4V files. Any other file type will be converted. (We will let you know if we experience problems with your file).

YouTube videos can be streamed direct into editions, but the URL needs to point directly at the video.

There is no maximum length for videos, but we recommend that each video is less than 50 MB.


We accept Flash files in AS 3.0. We will need .swf and .fla files supplied.

Please design your files so that a single .swf file is needed to play the animation, and not multiple .swfs and/or .as files.

We do not support animations created using SWiSH.

Please make sure there is no white space around the edge of the Flash animation.

Please note that your animation will be sitting inside another Flash application and, as such, the background colour defined in the property inspector will turn transparent, showing the PDF content underneath your Flash files. To avoid this, put a single-colour object on the lowest layer of your Flash file to form a canvas.

Please set your Flash files to a frame rate of 24fps.

Avoid any ActionScript that can affect the host application, such as _level0, _root, and _parent references, or global functions like setTimeinterval.

There should be no links in the animation we are given, unless this is necessary, as these links will not be picked up in the statistics package. We will normally create the links overlaying the Flash content, so that they can be tracked.

There is no file size limit on animations. However, for loading purposes, the files should be as small as possible.

Images should be set to lossless compression instead of photo compression

Filenames for Flash animation files (SWFs) should not include special characters such as brackets, question marks, commas and spaces. Underscore characters are OK to use.

In case we need to edit your FLA file, please use one of the following options when dealing with fonts:

Add the font in the FLA library and then use the reference of the font in the scene and not the font directly.

Provide the fonts along with the FLA file.

Convert the fonts to vector shapes, so that there are no non-system fonts within the Flash file.