AgentBase maintains a strict policy whereby we never ‘take a position’ in any client’s business.
i.e. we will not work on a basis where we derive any part of our income based on sales achieved by sales agents that are introduced by us.

Therefore if a client proposes such an arrangement to us, we will politely decline the offer, regardless of its nature. This is not in any way based on an assessment of the quality of the opportunity being proposed. It is our universal policy.

The reasons for this are as follows:

We take the position of honest broker between our sales agent members and principals. Any such arrangements will compromise this, and therefore potentially our perceived objectivity and integrity.

We do not have the resources to carry out proper due diligence or assessments of the quality of such opportunities for our own business ends.

We do not have the resources such that we could be satisfied with the quality of such arrangements to the point where we could recommend them to our members.

We do not have the resources to monitor progress of such arrangements.

Instead, we charge simple and reasonable fees for our services, and work on a best endeavours basis to deliver the best possible services and outcomes to our members and our clients.