Agent Introduction Service & Guarantees, Terms & Processes

AgentBase UK Sales Agent Register (“the Company”, “We”, “Us”)
Talisman House, 11 Talisman Square, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 1JB




These terms and conditions apply to all bookings, orders, products and services provided from time to time by the Company.


Confirmation of Order

Your order will be confirmed providing you have complied with the following:

  1. All orders must be signed and either posted to the above address or scanned and emailed to
  2. By signing and submitting the booking confirmation you agree to our terms and conditions and agree that full payment will be made.


  1. All goods and services will be delivered in accordance with the Order Confirmation.
  2. Unless expressly agreed in writing by the Company, payment must be made in full prior to the provision of any goods and services.
  3. Where payment is made by cheque, delivery will be upon clearance through the banking system
  4. Delivery may be made by email or post and entirely at the discretion of the Company.
  5. Non-delivery must be notified to the Company immediately



  1. No later than 3 days prior to the magazine deadline, you must provide us with:
    1. the full wording for your advertisement
    2. adequate and presentable examples of artwork and logos for your advertisement.
  2. To enable us to include required hypertext links to any email and web address(es) contained in your advertisement, you must include your email and web site address(es).

Items should be sent preferably by email, although post will be accepted.


Series Advertisements

Where a series or block of advertisements has been booked, unless otherwise agreed in writing, the second and any subsequent insertions must be published within 3 months of the previous publication.



We provide a graphic design service where requested.
We will provide a proof by email or fax which must be returned before the stated deadline.
A maximum of one artwork amendment is permitted without charge. Further amendments will be chargeable at a minimum of £25 each.
Failure to respond by the time stipulated with any approval, amendments or notice to postpone may mean that your advertisement is published and you will be responsible for the costs of the same, and no responsibility will be taken for any errors no matter whose fault.
We reserve the right to change the shape and/or make the size of an advertisement larger at any time.
Where you supply your own artwork please note that it must be a high resolution ‘TIF’, ‘JPEG’, PDF or ‘EPS’ file with all fonts converted to the required paths.


Targeted Agent Mailing and E-mailing

You should provide the Company, preferably by email with the following:
Narrative for the cover covering email.
Attachments should be in JPEG or PDF format no larger than 1 MB each (extra  or larger attachments are by arrangement with the Company only)


Managed Recruitment Service (MRS)

All activities carried out in connection with an MRS project will be billable. This includes, but is not limited to: all dialogue with applicants (such as interviews, telephone calls, emails, Skype etc.); all dialogue with the client (such as meetings, telephone calls, emails, reporting, etc.); and any background research, discussing and formulating of ideas, advising, redesigning of adverts, etc. Clients should check with us and/or their MRS Manager if in any doubt.

MRS projects cannot be cancelled mid-campaign unless by mutual agreement. A campaign is an order of any number of MRS hours. Any agreed mid-campaign cancellation will be subject to a cancellation administration charge.

Travel and other expenses will be pre-agreed between the MRS Manager and the client. These expenses will be billed directly by the MRS Manager to the client and will not involve AgentBase or reduce the MRS balance.

MRS Managers are independent consultants working with AgentBase. They are all practicing or former sales agents. They are not in our direct employment. They receive a share of the fees.

No responsibility will be accepted for the return of any samples or other materials provided. Clients are advised to insure such items and to clearly advise us if they are required back. Returns will be at the client’s expense. Otherwise they will be disposed of at the end of the project.



Agent Introduction Service (AIS)

These terms and conditions apply in addition to those supplied for this service.

Agent Introduction Service Terms & Conditions


Legal Pack

  1. The pack containing (model agreement, notes, FAQs and EC Regulations) will be sent to you by email within 7 days of receipt of payment.
  2. The documents provided including the answers to the FAQs are correct as the time they are sent.
  3. The documents are provided as guidance only and are supplied on the basis that they are used entirely at the user’s risk and that the Company nor its lawyers shall have no liability in connection with these documents. Copyright of the documents remains the exclusive property of the Company and/or the lawyers involved.


Our terms are strictly payment with order and subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

  1. The correct payment must be forwarded to us by providing the correct credit card details, BACS transfer or by cheque.
  2. Advertisements:
    1. Advertisements will not be printed or published online unless full payment has been received as agreed.
    2. Where a series or block of advertisement package has been ordered and split payments are offered, the second, and any subsequent payments, are due 30 days after the first or previous publication irrespective of any requested postponement or delay in publication of your advertisements;
    3. Any free advertisements will be run at the end of the series
    4. You agree to pay for the full series.  (You are referred to Cancellations);
  3. Late payments may incur an administration charge of £10.  Interest may be charged at 8%.

Cancellation, Postponement & Amendments

  1. Cancellation charges will apply if the order is cancelled after instructions have been received, irrespective of whether payment has been received.
  2. Advertisements:
    1. If Notice of cancellation is received prior to the provision of any advertisement proof the cancellation charge will be 50% of the invoice value.
    2. If Notice of cancellation is received more than 30 days after confirmation of order no cancellations will be accepted, and no refunds will be given, regardless of whether a proof has been provided.
    3. Any other cancellations received will not be entitled to a refund or Credit.
    4. Where a series of advertisements and/or a block of advertisements have been ordered, no cancellations will be accepted after publication of the first advertisement in the series.  You are responsible for payment of the full amount of the invoice for the whole of the series.
    5. Where a series of advertisements and/or a block of advertisements have been ordered they will run in consecutive months unless requested specifically otherwise when booking
    6. Postponements and amendments/alterations to magazine adverts and/or the prescribed running order of a series of magazine adverts can only be accepted before the publication deadline for the following month.
  3. Seminars:
    1. Cancellation: Refunds will be made providing Notice of cancellation has been received in accordance with the following:
      1. 30+ days = 50% refund;
      2. Less than 30 days = no refund
    2. Postponement: An administration charge of £100 per delegate will be made where postponement is advised less than 14 days prior to the originally booked seminar date.
  4. Targeted Agent Mailing/E-Mailing
    1. If Notice of cancellation is received within 30 days of confirmation of order 75% of the invoice value applies.
    2. If Notice of cancellation is received more than 30 days after confirmation of order no cancellations will be accepted, and no refunds will be given
  5. Agent Introduction Service
    1. Where an order has been confirmed, no cancellations will be accepted, and no refunds will be given
  6. Managed Recruitment Service
    1. Project length is 6 months from date where MRS questionnaire is returned completed or payment is made, whichever is latest, unless otherwise agreed, notwithstanding delays accountable by the client
    2. Unused balances of account will be refunded in full where requested where a project expires or when activity ceases
    3. If Notice of cancellation is received after payment has been made but before commencement of campaign and within 14 days of payment then funds will be refunded less a 20% administration charge in lieu of set up costs incurred. No refunds will be made for mid-campaign cancellations notified after 14 days, unless agreed by us in writing.
    4. Any agreed mid-campaign cancellation will be subject to a cancellation administration charge equivalent to 2 hours at the prevailing standard hourly rate.
  7. Deposits
    1. Where a deposit has been paid any deposit paid is non refundable.
  8. If a booking confirmation has been received but payment has not been made, unless otherwise excepted above, all outstanding sums as stated in the booking confirmation will be due and owing as a debt, subject to any exceptions stated above.

Force Majeure

We do not accept any liability nor are we in breach of these terms for any delays or failures in performance which result from circumstances beyond our reasonable control, such as Acts of God, War, Terrorist Act, and/or any other cause beyond our reasonable control.


Notices given under this Agreement must be in writing and may be delivered by email, hand or by recorded delivery Royal Mail post to the relevant party’s address.

Variations of these terms

Any variations to these terms must be agreed in writing by the Company.