Factsheet 8 – Looking For Your First Agencies

Where To Look For Sales Agencies.

There are several places to look for agencies.  The AgentBase  magazine and website deals exclusively with advertisements from principals looking for agents.

Places to look.

While you are looking you will also see many ‘get rich quick’ schemes that sound like agencies.  Do not mistake them for genuine sales agent opportunities.



There are no laid down criteria for a good agency. The worth of an agency will depend on your experience and judgement, however the following points should be addressed.

With a good agency, the product

  • can be sold to your existing contacts
  • is competitively priced
  • is advertised
  • does not conflict with another agency
  • has a future
  • is already selling
  • is readily available
  • has good descriptive literature

Not every agency will offer every one of these points. If any points are non-existent or weak you must decide, on balance, whether you can find a way round these difficulties without compromising an otherwise good potential agency.


Excerpted from the book: ‘How To Be A Freelance Sales Agent’. by Terry James. Additional content and editing by Paul Brown, MD of AgentBase.