Factsheet 12 – How to Handle Sales Agency Interviews


You will find that a check list of all the above will enable you to ask the right questions. There is nothing worse than leaving an interview and thinking of unasked questions on important matters.

You will find that asking these questions will enhance your credibility with the prospective principal. He will recognise that, even if you are a new sales agent, you know what is involved in running a sales agents business.

One of the questions is, of course, about what happened to your predecessor. A lot can be revealed about the principals attitude to agents by the answer to that question.



Due to the unique relationship you will be entering into with the principal, the interview will be rather different to a job interview. You are a potential investor in his business. You are going to invest your time and money in promoting his product or service. You must get this point across at all costs.

The interview will be more balanced than the usual job interview with you wanting to know far more than you would if you were looking for employment. You will, in effect, be interviewing him.

It would not be wise to commit yourself at the first or only interview. There are issues, such as the written agreement, that must be studied before making a final decision. If the principal has not given you a copy of his proposed agreement, ask for a copy to be posted to you and tell him you will give him a decision after you have studied it.



After your meeting it is considered polite to write to the principal and thank him for his courtesy and interest. In this letter you should briefly outline any agreements that were jointly reached that you do not expect to be part of the written agreement.

The possibility of extending your area after a trial period is the sort of verbal agreement that probably will not  be  in the formal agreement.

All this will re-enforce your professionalism.


Excerpted from the book: ‘How To Be A Freelance Sales Agent’. by Terry James. Additional content and editing by Paul Brown, MD of AgentBase.