Factsheet 10 – What a Principal is Looking for in a Sales Agent

The principal will be firstly looking for a good salesperson and secondly for a well connected agent. If this is an attempt to get your first agency, try to get some third-party references to your selling abilities to take to the meeting.  Failing this, take a list of the type of customers you already deal with.  Do not, of course, leave this list with him.

His first priority is to take on a salesperson that he thinks will be successful for his product or service. You are being interviewed as a salesman rather than an agent at this stage.  Before any other matter is discussed you must impress him as a salesperson. The more evidence of this that you can produce the better.


Excerpted from the book: ‘How To Be A Freelance Sales Agent’. by Terry James. Additional content and editing by Paul Brown, MD of AgentBase.