1. We will endeavour to introduce sales agents that are both relevant and interested. Relevant means that they are calling into (or are prepared to call into) the right customers / markets as specified by you, AND the right geographical areas as specified by you; Interested means that they will have made a specific detailed application in connection with your agency opportunity. (They will have been presented with detailed information specifically about your agency opportunity.) Such agents shall be deemed as qualified.
  2. Markets are according to AgentBase’s standard market categories as can be found on this website and in the online AIS application form. This information can also be provided upon request.
  3. Areas are according to AgentBase’s standard areas as can be found on this website and in the online AIS application form. This information can also be provided upon request.
  4. If you wish to proceed we will invoice you for the total project cost.
  5. Once the order is confirmed and payment received we will put together the communications.
  6. In order to get sales agents interested in your agency opportunity, we will need to tell them about it. We need the basic facts about your business, your products / services, and the details of the agency opportunity (i.e. what’s in it for the sales agent? Such as the commission rate, territorial arrangement, promotional support, etc.) You will give us this information in the form we provide.
  7. We send the emailer / advert to you for approval / amendment. If you fail to approve the emailer / advert within 7 days for any reason, we will proof and approve internally and proceed, in which case no responsibility can be accepted for inaccuracies or errors.
  8. Once the communications have been approved, we will commence the campaign and you will be obligated to accept all qualified introductions up to the contract value.
  9. We promote your agency opportunity to our members, and provide introductions to you. We use some or all of the promotional tools at our disposal:
    a.     targeted emailshots to agents in the right markets and areas;
    b.     advertisements on our website;
    c.     advertisements in our members’ magazine;
    d.     headhunting our members.
  10. In all cases, agents will be provided with detailed information about you and your agency opportunity, and will only be forwarded to you if they fit your requirements, express positive interest, and go through our formal application and screening processes.
  11. Where possible, and subject to section 7 above, you will have seen and approved the information that we provide to our members, so you can be confident that we are representing you and your agency opportunity accurately and fairly.
  12. We will pass on qualified profiles to you one at a time or in batches.
  13. We are acutely aware (as you should be) of the importance of responding immediately to a sales agent’s enquiry. So we will get the agents’ profiles through to you as soon as possible.
  14. An agent’s profile will consist of name, email, phone number, postal address, what markets / customers they sell to, what geographical area they cover, and whether they are a new or established sales agent. We will aim to provide as full details of all applicants as possible although we cannot guarantee that any other fields will be completed by applicants or that they will provide detailed or optional information.
  15. We may not be able to filter applicants to give an even spread across multiple markets of areas. It is therefore possible that you will receive more than one application for any given market / area. If we receive sufficient applications in a short time frame, we will attempt to select an even spread across the chosen markets / areas.
  16. If we receive more qualified applications than has been contracted, we will offer you the opportunity to purchase introductions at a negotiated rate. There will be no obligation on either party to conclude such a deal.
  17. If we fall short of the quantity of agents you have paid for, we will refund (or reallocate funds at your request) so that you have only paid for what you have received. Eg: if you pay for 10 agents at £996 total, and we provide only 6, then we will refund 4 at the rate of £99.60 each.
  18. There is a standard time limit on the campaign of 6 months. i.e. the campaign will close no later than 6m from the date of the transmission of the first promotional communications (emailer & web/mag advert). At that point you may claim a refund or reallocation of any account balance. This period may be varied by mutual agreement if required and sensible.
  19. If you cancel the campaign for any reason after instructions have been confirmed and payment made and/or within the agreed 6 month time limit there will be no refund of any deposit or balance of account, and we are under no obligation to reallocate any balance of account at that point..
  20. Where an order has been confirmed and/or payment made, no cancellations will be accepted, no refunds will be given, and any unpaid amounts will be immediately due.
  21. We may not be able to identify your company or brands. We cannot publish or present any information or images that could lead an agent directly to you. We reserve ultimate control over the content of all communications with our members. If it is vitally important that your company name, logo, brands, etc. are seen by prospective agents, then we suggest you consider doing your own advertising campaign in our magazine and/or website. Please ask our team.