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Forget About Queues!
Introducing the proven NO QUEUE solution for pubs, cafes, restaurants, and shops. To get them back trading as Quickly & Profitably & Safely as possible.

With Zapaygo, customers can order from their table, or from their home, and get their goodies delivered straight to them. No need to queue – No need to crowd – No need to protect.

With socially distanced queuing likely to be the new norm, it’s the perfect time to introduce the proven Zapaygo mobile ordering and payment solution.

Earn substantial commission AND help your local retailers.

Zapaygo enables customers to view the menu, before ordering and paying with a smartphone. They don’t need to leave their seat, handle a menu or use a credit card, thus making the experience of going out fun again, whilst still being safe! They can even pre-order before getting to the venue.

It also saves smaller independent business from having to develop their own expensive e-commerce website or app, and even allows them to use the Zapaygo Delivered solution (similar to Deliveroo).

The Agent Package
• Initial sign-up commission
• PLUS share of ongoing transaction fees

• Immediate income & substantial long-term income stream.

This is not a ‘technical’ sale so don’t be put off by the clever technology behind it, your ability to communicate the obvious benefits is all that matters.

Zapaygo is aimed at the following markets – Pubs / Bars / Coffee shops / Restaurants/ Clubs / Venues / Shops of all kinds throughout the UK.

Get in fast, avoid the queue, become a Zapaygo agent today!

Contact –  iba@zapaygo.com