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Zalloys International Ltd.

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Industry Approved

Alloy Wheel Protection

Up to 25% Commission – OTE £103K PA

Zalloys International Ltd manufactures market leading wheel protection systems.

We supply vehicle manufacturers, dealerships and distributors in 5 continents.

Our products are unique and protected by patents and design rights.

Nottinghamshire manufactured, we hold large stocks for next working day deliver.

Wheeluv Alloy Protection

Protects Wheels From Kerb Damage

Wheeluv creates a barrier around the alloy rim

Market Leading

Fitters are moving to Wheeluv as it’s easier to fit, takes less time and causes fewer issues

Proft Centre

Trade customers fitting just 25 sets per month are generating an additional revenue of £35k pa with a profit of £23.4k pa

Tested & Approved

Approved by motor manufactuers and independently tested by the MIRA

British Engineering

High quality British made components

Discreet Colour Options

Colours to blend with the wheel and maintain the original look of the vehicle

Target Market

Tyre fitters/Alloy Repairers/Valeters/Vehicle Accessory Installers/Garages


PR in trade and consumer publications

Advertising in leading automotive pulications

Social outreach to build brand awareness

Comprehensive product info and training

Questions answered quickly


25% commission on new customers’ first orders

13% commission on existing customer orders

£103,440 OTE


James Taqvi


07803 602765