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Zalloys International Ltd.

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Industry approved Alloy Wheel Protection

Up to 13% commission – OTE £103.440 PA

  • Zalloys International Lrd  manufactures market leading wheel protection systems
  • We supply vehicle manufacturesrs, dealerships and distributors in 5 continents
  • Our products are unique and protected by patents and design rights
  • Nottinghamshire manufactured, we hold large stocks for next working day delivery

Wheeluv Alloy Protections

  • Protects wheels from Kerb Damage: Wheeluv creates a barrier around the alloy rim
  • Market leading: Fitters are moving to Wheelub as it’s easier to fit, takes less time and cause fewer issue
  • Profit Centre: Trade customers fitting just 20 sets per month are generating additional revenue of £24k pa with a margin f £14.4k pa
  • Tested and approved: approved by motor manufacturers and independently tested by the MRA
  • Biritsh Engineering: High Quality British made components
  • Discreet colour options: Colours to blend with the wheel and maintain the original look of the vehicle


Target Market: Tyre Fitters, Alloy Repairers, Valeters Vehicle Accessory Installers, Garages

Commission: 13% commission – £103.440 OTE


  • PR in trade and consumers publications
  • Advertising in leading automotive publications
  • Social outreach to build brand and awareness
  • Comprehensive product info and training
  • Questions answered quickly


James Taqvi – james@zalloys.com – 07803 602765