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Whats On In Stockport

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We require sales agents to sell advertising space to your existing client base, in any sector. Sales Agents required in Leeds and Stockport

50% commission in any sector
Sell to your existing and new clients

What’s On In are rapidly becoming a global brand with our high visibility advertising websites, now spreading around the world. From Asia to USA, Europe to the Pacific Rim we are rolling out our fast-moving E-commerce Advertising websites.


  • We pay 50% commission plus repeat commissions in years 2, 3, 4 etc.
  • Realistic earnings of 4-SK per month, much higher in subsequent years
  • With over 35K businesses in each territory, selling to 0.25% of them would
    earn. 9K per month
  • Full training and support given, although it is a straightforward “soft sell”

Contact Gerry Gualtieri on 07801 855007 or support@whatsoninstockport.com