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Verifi FMs

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Cloud Based Security Management

EIDOS is a unique Facilities & Security software solution that provides stakeholders with real time access to a wide range of functions including reporting of building services faults, security patrol & task management, security incident logging, inventory management and logging visitors on & off site.

  • Unique B2B Software as a Service Opportunity
  • Replaces traditional security management records
  • Enthusiastically adopted by both Guarding Companies & their Clients.
  • First fully integrated Computer Aided Security Management system in the UK
  • Hospitals & Education Campuses, Shopping Centres, Distribution, Offices & Industrial applications
  • Established company serving over 500 sites throughout the UK
  • Ongoing licence revenue stream
  • 30% Commission Year 1, 20% thereafter Sales value £1500 to £6000
  • Exclusive area by negotiation