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U Gears

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Sales Agents Required
We are looking for professional sales agents with an established network of contacts in department stores, gift, hobby, craft stores and bookstores. The product is also a great fit for gardening centres and nursing homes.

Unique patented product with no direct competitors
Already present in the popular respected retailers
Raving product reviews and huge fan base
Appearing on ITV This Morning, Daily Mail, Times Magazine and over 100 UK publications
Made of wood
No glue assembly
All models produce motion without batteries

About us:
UGears Models are patented invention wooden mechanical models launched in the UK in 2015. We created a new category in the hobbies, crafts and gift markets – as due to our special design, after assembly the models are self-propelled without batteries. Now successfully selling in 85 countries around the world. For more info please check our
website: www.ugears.online

Please email a c.v. or personal statement, with details of your current territory and customer type to: jeff.way@agentbase.co.uk