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Tutor In A Box

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A brighter future in a box

About Us
Tutor In A Box is an award-winning organization providing a revolutionary concept. It provides resources to help students benefit from 1-1 tuition but in a far more accessible and affordable way.
Tutor In A Box is changing the way people think about Maths and English. We’re an award-winning educational organisation, who are passionate about supporting students across the UK to
fulfill their potential. We are a young, dynamic, and flexible organisation full of people who love their job. We challenge the status quo by being innovative, friendly, and positive about everything we do. We work hard and get results. We have fun. Most importantly we make a difference.

Products and Services
• Pre-Recorded Lessons (Virtual)
• Tutor In A Box (Physical)
• Pozorko (Physical)
• Pozorko Mini (Physical)
Target Market
• Schools
• Education Centres
• BookSellers
• Large Newsagents

Target Area
UK Wide

Agents Package
• 35% Commission on virtual products
• 15% Commission on physical products
• Comprehensive support package
• Training

Ideal Agent
Someone familiar with introducing products or services to the target markets. Someone who is passionate about education, and believes in affordable and accessible support.

John Plaster
07970 314701