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Trio Lighting

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The TRIO lighting group was established in 1991 and now exceeds 100m € turnover across Europe. TRIO UK has been created to establish a presence in the UK.

Differentiate yourself from mainstream UK suppliers with the Trio & Reality brands.

Agents Package
10% commission
Full product training and technical support.
Wide range of in-store POS is available to the right customer.
TRIO exhibit at Europe’s largest lighting show – Light
& Build Frankfurt.

Target Market
The ideal customers are Lighting shops, furniture and dept stores who offer lighting and independent home stores. Interior designers are also a good opportunity

Product Information
Over 2000 lighting products aimed at the retail market including decorative families, door and table lamps and outdoor lighting. The majority are LED-based. Regular new product launches ensure a fresh and dynamic range. The TRIO brand is mid to premium offer with the Reality brand offering a range at the more price-conscious retailer.

An opportunity to sell a range of lighting only available from TRIO UK. All areas of the UK available

To explore further please contact Ashley Smith 07854 877832 | sales@triolightinguk.com