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Travel Chef UK

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Do you currently sell to pubs, hotels, cafes and small restaurants?
If so, this is a great opportunity for you.

What Do We Supply? What Can We Do For You?
Travel Chef will enable you to offer your customers a full range of top tier, fantastic tasting, lndo/Pak cuisine at unbelievable prices. The meals can be added to your customer’s menu, perfectly complementing and extending the range of their offerings, generating a full secondary business stream.

Delivery Coverage:
Travel Chef offers a full next day delivery service across the UK.

Guaranteed Commission:
If you are an agent responsible for an area we will pay you the full commission on ALL orders received within you area irrespective of whether the order was instigated by you.

What Makes Us Different?
With our hand cooked food made from fresh and the finest ingredients, combined with the latest technology, we believe can create a business within a business for our customers.

Agent Fees:
We are offering a rate of 12% commission which is paid on an agreed date every month. Regardless of the credit which we may offer the customer, we will make sure that our agents are paid at the agreed time and amount.

Interested? If so please email a CV or personal statement giving details of your current Agency business, location and area covered to Jeff Way

Jeff.way@agentbase.com – 07970 674 860