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Do you sell to Call Centres / Contact Centres or Dynamic
Companies with Outbound or Inbound Telesales Teams?

Build a highly robust, life-long commission stream with

About Us
We are an exciting new UK based technology startup specialising in game-changing voice telecommunications solutions.

Our first launch of the Topa suite of products (more to come) is TopaDial.io

Products and Services
TopaDial is an intuitive, cloud-based, outbound dialling and inbound call handling platform. It is suitable for campaigns of all sizes, from 5 Agents to 100+ Agents.

Target Market
We Sell to Companies That Sell!

Does your network include companies that have outbound telesales campaigns or inbound call handling?

e.g. Insurance Brokers, Claims Management, Home Improvements, Car Finance, Consumer Surveys, Green Eco Grants, Charities, Consumer Services, Hospitality, Travel etc

Target Areas
TopaDial.io is a cloud-based platform and is therefore accessible and deployable globally.

We currently have customers in the USA, UK, UAE and India.

Agents Package
Earn 50% of the first month spend (uncapped).

Earn a life-long 10% commission on all customer spend.

Note: Agents have access to a dedicated Partner Portal showing all sales and commissions earnt.
Commissions can be withdrawn by the agent at any time.

Ideal Agent
Particularly interested in Agents with experience in Call Centres, Contact Centres, Diallers and Telecoms.

Andrew Matthews
Head of Sales
Tel: 07852 484781

Topadial – Instantly deployable contact centre platform & autodialler