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The Body Doctor

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Sales Agents required to cover the UK and Ireland selling ThinOptics, unique reading glasses to attach to a mobile phone, Ipad, inside a keyring and a credit card size version for the wallet.

We also offer solutions to people suffering with dry, sore, gritty eyes plus MGD, Blepharitis and Dry Eye Disease.

The Body Doctor is a family run business with a strong support team of 12. We supply circa 30 countries around the world and are Winners of the Queens’ Award for Excellence.

We work closely with Dr. Hilary Jones, Medical Broadcaster and he features on all of our product packaging and sales literature.

Your customer base is infinite on the high street, from Opticians, gift shops, books stores to Builders Merchants and everyone in between.

• 10% commission on business within your pre-arranged territory with an additional 10% on initial orders from new accounts.
• 5% commission on managing existing house accounts within your territory.
• Product training provided • Agents Agreements
• Exclusive Territories • Marketing support to generate leads

You will receive support from the training and sales teams based at Head Office.

Additional special opportunity for agents calling on opticians.
A fast and effective in practice and at home treatment for Dry Eye.

No medical experience required

If you are interested, please call on 01484 868816 and ask for James Holdsworth, Sales Manager.