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TellUs Marketing

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TellUs Marketing

Earn up to 50% commission selling to small businesses

Solve your customers online marketing issues bringing them new revenue streams and you even happier customers with increased commissions.

TellUs Marketing based in Leicestershire is a division of the TellUs Group and operates in the UK and US specialising in three different technical solutions.

TellUs Marketing is bringing three distinct and linked small business marketing products to the UK.

Local Presence Marketing: This connects a business directly to its local customers via local search from mobile devices. This complete service provides everything needed to get found.

Small Business Website: A lot of businesses want a web presence that looks great, delivers customers and yet doing it yourself just is not as easy as you think. TellUs provides three set web packages to help business get the web presence they desire.

Small business App: For any small business increasingly the place to be is on your customers phone. Using loyalty, booking, ecommerce and push notifications that allow a small business to connect with its customers all through their own mobile App at a price ideal for small business.


  • Retail (Independent Clothing outlets, etc)
  • Food Outlets
  • Hair and Beauty Salons
  •  Pubs/Clubs
  • Estate Agents
  •  Independent Coffee Outlets
  • Independent Vape Outlets
  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Church and Community Groups
  • Business Consulting Accountancy
  • Legal firms

All UK and Northern Ireland.


  • Earn up to 50% commission with a residual commission of up to 50% depending on package sold
  • There is no upper limit to earnings with realistic levels being between £30k and £120k pa
  • Agency Agreement Provided
  • Websites, Demo App’s and PDF marketing documents provided for use by Agent and demo content
  • Exclusive territories