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Sustainable Medical Plant

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About us
SMPG and its VIVE brand is a start-up in the UK and Europe, manufacturing in Italy and Portugal for European and Worldwide sales
and manufacturing in the UK for UK only sales. Target sales for the UK are £30 million in year 3.

Products and Services
Over the last 4 years, our staff have created skincare and beauty products containing a proprietary, high-bioavailability, water-soluble version of CBD, much more potent that the equivalent amount of CBD oil. The first wave launch will be for 7 products for skin hydration and muscle pain relief, to be followed by 5 skin care products (Daily Face moisturiser, Night face moisturiser, Eye Cream, Hand Cream, Body Cream). Hair and Sun Protection products will also follow.

Target Market
Our target markets are the Multiple Retailers,(grocery and pharmaceutical)
Chemists, Health Stores, Wholesalers.

Target Areas
All of the UK is available.

Starting specifically looking for agents to cover London and the South East, East Anglia, Midlands, South and South West.

Agents Package
Commission rate is 10% of every case sold
Target Sales of £5 million in the first year
Exclusive Territories and Customers in the area agency agreement
Continual marketing through social media and monthly B2B marketing campaigns from our PR and Marketing Agency.

Ideal Agent
We are looking for agents with contacts in the multiple retailers, pharmaceutical retail, chemists, wholesalers industry, with experience in selling skin, body, beauty and hair products.