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Straightarrow Create for the world

Established in 2010, Straightarrow is a pioneer of creative process outsourcing in the Philippines and specialize in the design, technology and digital marketing. These include creating and running campaigns on marketing platforms such as Salesforce, Marketo and Hubspot. our clients include international Media and Fortune 500 companies in the US.

Products AND Services

Straightarrow is a creative process outsourcing company. We have been helping corporations and Digital Agencies in the UK & the US maximise their profitability by building dedicated creative and digital marketing teams in the Philippines that function as an extension of their own operations.

Target Market 

Our target market is made up of forward-thinking leaders of corporate marketing teams and Digital Agencies who want to either scale their operations cost-effectively or drastically reduce their operational costs. Our best relationships are with CMO’s, VPs for Marketing and Digital Agency owner and Managers who have structured their operations, are data and process-driven and who are under pressure to deliver more results with less resources.

Target Area

Sales Agents can be located anywhere in the UK & Ireland.

Ideal Agent

Our ideal Agents will have good relationships with corporate marketing and Digital Agencies leaders and decision makers.

Agents Package 

  • 10% commission on new business with weekly payouts for year 1
  • 2% Ongoing commission year 2
  • CRM access & online training: Hubspot
  • Sales Toolkit: presentations, proposal templates, company email.
  • Marketing support: email campaigns.
  • Sales admin support.


Contact John Plaster

07970 314701