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Speedihomes – housing today – Built for tomorrow

The Rewards
Territorial exclusivity
Prompt commission payments
£450 – £875 per unit sold with multiple unit sales probable

The Proposition
We believe we offer the most cost-effective solutions with our flexible leasing packages. Whether to Councils seeking short term accommodation for Homeless families & supported accommodation for rough sleepers, Schools needing additional classroom space in the wake of COVID 19, hospitals requiring additional specialised capacity, MOD for mobile sanitation and sleeping accommodation or disaster relief operations.

Full Agency agreement provided, plus product training, sales support, backed by Directors with a wide range of skills in Legal, Financial, Compliance, Property & Construction.

The Products
We are an ethical Company offering a range of Temporary and Emergency accommodation suitable for a wide range of additional practical applications, as well as the very latest mobile sanitation units. All our products are built to the highest standards of quality & comfort and have “EcoSmart” technology built in as standard.
• Have you got established contacts within the Local Authority, Education, NHS, and M.O.D market – places?
• Have you got a working knowledge of their procurement protocols?
• Have you got a proven track record of selling products or services into those sectors?

Want to earn, whilst making a difference?
We do! Please Contact John Plaster on john.plaster@agentbase.co.uk or call 07970 314 701 to find out more.