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Specialist Cost Auditors

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Most of our agents earn between £5K-£1 OK per month – Interested?

Our Business consultancy was formed in 2004, with it’s main objective to increase the profitability of the client company.
Commission is negotiable.
Realistic potential earning is £5k per month, paid monthly.

Service Overview
Our recommendations will depend on the specific needs of the client and this will reflect which of our services will be required. There is one specific concept that we will introduce to the Sales Agents which uses Government Legislation to create a healthy monthly residual income.

All over the UK including Nothern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Target Market
Manufacturing and engineering companies I Retail I Construction I Security I Hospitality Travel Agents I Estate Agents I Groups of Companies

Extra Information
Product training will be provided.
Agents have also earned commission on secondary introductions made by the initial client. In a number of situations, this has boosted their income significantly.

If you are interested, please contact John McGowan:
Call me on 07968 317 974 or
Email on john@specialistcostauditors.co.uk