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Smart Recruit Online Ltd

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Recruitment Advertising Media and Technology Solutions

UK wide National Recruitment service. We provide award-winning recruitment technology + tools and access to over 5500 media channels covering every industry sector, specialism and geographic location. Our media offering covers traditional job boards, specialist industry publications, aggregators, social media and local media

Target Market
Procurement, Finance, HR and Recruitment decision makers. We are industry agnostic

Simple professional introductions in return for generous commissions, Nearly all companies recruit staff

Agent Specification
As a guide, we are looking to be introduced to companies that hire more than 10 times p/a
min up to 1000+ staff p/a.
Companies that are interested in improving the quality of applications, improving recruitment
efficiencies, compliance, reducing administration time and driving down recruitment cost.

– Completed demonstrations – up to £50
– 50% of technology 1st year annual license (£250 – £5000)
– 10% first year gross profit media spend (£1 to £25k per client)
Ongoing incremental revenues for active introducers

Commission paid monthly within 14 days of invoice Introducer agreement provided