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Ristorall is a specialist food distributor based in Italy that has been operating for over 25 years in the hotel, restaurant, cafe and retail sector in Italy. Ristorall supplies a vast assortment of products both at room temperature (+20 °C), controlled temperature (+4 °C) and frozen (-20 °C). The product include – milk, cream, butter, yogurt, mozzarella, cheeses (e.g. Burrata), cured meats, canned goods, preserves, dry and fresh pasta, wide range of frozen snacks, frozen high-quality pasta, frozen ready meals, frozen desserts.

Ristorall is based in Salento in the Puglia region, in the southern tip of Italy with a generous land that has been producing oil, wine, wheat and other delectable food for centuries that are made up of locally sourced raw materials is to bring the flavours of Salento to the rest of the world. Ristorall’s main aim is to share the flavours of Salento with the United Kingdom.

Target Markets
• Restaurants & Cafes
• Deli and Small/Medium Retail stores
• Supermarkets
• Department Stores
• Wholesalers
• Hotels

Ideal Agent
• Previous proven sales experience in the sector
• Understanding of Italian food items is useful

Agents Package
• Commission with a base rate of 10% and the opportunity to earn up to an additional 5% bonus based upon annual sales achieved
• Exclusive territory
• Marketing material provided

John Plaster
07970 314701