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We’re changing work for good.

And we need YOU to join our team of revolutionaries championing the cause of flexible working.

We’re proud to be reinventing the way employers and employees work in the temporary workspace. Placing community at the heart of our purpose, our mission is simple – to open up flexible working for both employers and workers to enjoy.

What is Redwigwam?

Redwigwam is an online, tech-enabled platform that matches our 160,000 workers looking for flexible and temporary roles with companies looking to hire! We operate 24/7, so roles can
be filled with speed and agility. A true pioneer in the flexible workspace changing the way people think about work – and championing the cause for flexible working. Because we
believe when you think differently, work differently, you live differently.

Why would a business need

Businesses need to be able to scale up and down their workforce easily, quickly and with no hassle to meet peaks in demands and to grow. They need maximum flexibility, but they
also need skilled and experienced people to fill the role who live in the right area and are available when they need them.

How much can I earn?

OTE is £3,000 per month. We know how much our average Hirer on our site spends per month and the average fee they pay Redwigwam. Your earnings are linked to this over a 12 month
period for every business you sign and who goon to use the platform at the average level.

What are our USPs?

• 24/7 online platform
• A strong support team on hand to help our worker and hirer communities
• Complete flexibility – scale at the touch of a button
• We manage HR, payment, and admin
• Benefit from our high-quality worker community

Who would use Redwigwam?

Any business that needs flexible workers. The biggest need for flexible workers comes from the hospitality, facilities management/cleaning, warehousing/logistics, and retail sectors. We also sell
to recruitment agencies to help them fill vacancies.

Where does Redwigwam operate?

You can sell Redwigwam to any business operating anywhere in the whole of the UK & NI


If you are interested, please contact:
Stewart Wells
07802 393364