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Are you MR Shropshire?

Name: Richard Taylor AKA Mr Shropshire

Deals: 32

Income: £42,500

Richard has worked in B2B sales all his career, from selling photocopiers to selling phone contracts.
Over the years Richard has built up a vast network of contacts which he has used to great effect in working with RDTax Guru over the last six months. We are currently looking for more people like Richard in other counties to generate interest and conclude the sale.
• You will hold strong business relationships, have a successful track record in B2B sales and have a real focus in delivering results
• No Accounting qualifications are required for this role and full product training will be given.
• Financial support will be given for the first six months, so you will have money coming in whilst you build
your pipeline.
R&D tax credits is a niche piece of tax law which due to a lack of understanding amongst Accountants and Business owners means that lots of SMEs are missing out on money that is hidden within their business that they didn’t even realise was there. It’s estimated that less than 1% of eligible companies are claiming. We are currently taking on over 300 new cases per month.
This opportunity is ideal for someone who:
• Is currently selling a high value product and is looking to create a budget to sell more of that product
• Works with SME’s to reduce their costs.

Average commission is £1,500 per case