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Radecor Ltd

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Heating never looked so cool!


All UK (England, Wales, Scotland).


Products and Services

Infrared stone, mirror and resin wall heaters.

Sole UK importers.

They are new, beautiful and energy-saving.


Who Do We Sell To?

Builders, architects, interior designers and home renovators directly.


About us

We are the only outlet for these heaters in the UK.

We are a small family business and have been selling these products since December 2018.


What Sort of Agent?

We are looking for agents nationwide, preferably who have knowledge and contacts in the home improvement, building, interior design and architectural fields.



Website, hard copy brochures, online brochure, stone samples, youtube channel, small showroom in Newhaven and various home and garden exhibitions nationwide.


What’s In It For The Agent?

8% – 15% Commission paid monthly.

Leads provided.

Marketing support provided (exhibition & internet promotion).

Product training.


Contact us on info@radecor.co.uk or call Michael direct line 07792581533

Visit our website: https://www.radecor.co.uk/