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The Future of Sales Automation

Earn £1000 – £3000+ per week selling sales bots that literally help sell themselves.

What is a Sales Bot?

Sales bots help companies achieve ten times more sales by bringing hot leads directly to their sales team to close. They remove all the wasted time in cold outbound activities, leaving sales people to focus their time on selling to actively interested prospects.

Target Markets

There is a huge potential marketplace for sales bots. Any sized business, in any sector, that sells products or services to other businesses, will benefit from having a sales bot.

Agent Package

• We pay £200 for every sale converted from leads generated by your sales bot.
• We pay £300 for every sale converted from your existing network and contacts.

Agent Benefits

• Total flexibility – work as much or as little as you want.
• Weekly commission payments – paid direct into your bank.
• Ability to work from anywhere – with no geographic restrictions. Sell locally, nationally, or even globally.

“I’ve been in sales for years and this is the easiest product I’ve ever sold. People love them and I’ll sell ten a week on just two hours activity a day.” – Steve Roberts, Sales Agent

See How Sales Bots Work: https://www.prospectabot.com/video

Easy Training & Full Support Provided

To find out more simply send us an email to agents@prospectabot.com with your name and contact details and we will be in touch for a friendly chat to discuss this exciting new opportunity.

Alternatively, speak to Greg Bennett – Head of Sales & Marketing on 0800 404 5852 or 07716 881939