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We are looking for one individual sales consultant across the UK to drive our sales to new heights for a unique opportunity!

Consultative sale to Marketing Directors and Brand Managers of large FMCG
companies and CEO’s of smaller companies

  1. The Process
    1. We find NEW products on sale in supermarkets, chemist, DIY etc (literally 10’s of thousands are launched every year by companies large and small
    2. We ask them to submit that NEW product into the Product of the Year awards £3,750 to enter (they get a copy of the research win or lose) , £16,000 if they win.
    3. The Public vote via the largest independent survey in the UK run by Kantar Research (the worlds largest) with 10,000 individual shoppers.
    4. Winners get rights to use the famous red logo and are included in a huge PR campaign ( this year a 4 page pull out in The Sun as well as online plus much, much more) all INCLUDED in the fee
    5. Usually a 300 person awards night hosted by a celebrity in Sheraton Hotel, Park Lane London – attendance is INCLUDED for winner and team
    6. The POTY Logo drives sales and distribution

Current clients include:
Unilever – P&G – Nestlé – Pfizer – Coca-Cola – Danone – RB – Muller – and many more

Agents Package

  • work 2 days a week for 20 weeks, 1st May to 1st Sept. (as that is when entries are open)
  • Drive sales (not only themselves in isolation but also for the whole company eg be a team player )
  • Compensation:
    • 40 days at £200 per day Retainer
    • Commission of £25k + if goals hit
    • The total compensation of £35/40k

0207 580 8197
We do this in 40 countries around the world!

Target Markets
Food & Drink Household, Beauty, DIY and White Goods