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Prestige Health Care

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Are you calling on Hospitals and Private Healthcare Professions?

In particular: Podiatrists, Diabetes Care Teams and Surgical Appliance Departments within the NHS and in Private Practice?
You are? Then we would like to hear from you.

The Product: is a global gold standard product range of footwear and offloading walker boots used to treat the “at risk foot” using a collaborative treatment algorithm.

This is a brand new approach, which is already being adopted by several NHS Trusts, to this growing clinical problem. Now we are looking to expand our coverage across the UK.

Who are we?
Prestige Healthcare is a well established London based orthotic company that provides clinical services to several NHS Trusts and has an exclusive long term distribution contract for Optima Molliter products.

What you get:
• One to one support
• Excellent commission rates
• Exclusive territory
• Help with lead generation
• Product training
• High volume, repeat business

Call or email me to receive an Information Pack:
Barry Wright
t: 01273 701705
m: 07753 814425
e: barry@prestigehealthcare.co.uk