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There’s a payments goldrush. Grab a spade and get paid.

Join one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Europe as a self-employed Payments Consultant and be part of a network that

processes over £13 billion a year in payments.

Talk about right place, right time. We‘re in the golden age of card


In July 2020, the shift from cash to card was already up 22% from the year before and continued to grow.

We‘ve invested around £30m over the last couple of years building a brand new exciting product that takes into account so much of what business owners have been telling us they want from their merchant services. Now we need you to sell it!

Do a deal a day – earn at least £50k

We pay two streams of income, lump-sum commissions and residuals. The average commission per sale in 2020 was £320 across all our consultants and £420 across our super sellers.

You focus on the relationships; we‘ll do the rest.

Access to automated invoices, marketing materials, and field coaches means you can focus on your clients

Money straight in your pocket

We pay daily, so once a deal goes live, the cash is in your pocket. The average deal cycle is three days.


Richard Helman

0203 693 6492


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We sell a range of industry-leading cutting edge payment processing solutions, including:

Card Machines

Remote Payments

Integrated Payments

and Business Funding

Our solutions use powerful technology creating reliable, fast and secure payments whilst providing considerable savings on card processing fees for businesses

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Target Markets and Areas

Independent businesses across the UK and ROI.

Restaurants, Cafes and Coffee Shops



Pubs and Bars

Automotive & Transport

Health & Beauty


Home & Garden

Personal & Business Services

And more…..