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Palmtree Products

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Agents Wanted! New Best Selling Range of Artificial Plants, Potential for lots of Sales

We are looking for agents in the West Midlands, South East, Ireland, Wales and London.

Agent Package
Our commission rate is standard 10% commission on every order in your area Commission is paid once the customer has paid. We are very flexible with customer needs and always try and work with customers.

Target Market
Palmtree’s target customers are garden centres, gift shops, department stores, interior design stores, hotels and restaurants so there is a big opportunity for lots of sales in a wide customer base. At present, we supply mainly garden centres.

Product & Services
Our new gift range of artifcial plants in modern stylish planters has proved to sell exceptionally well for customers which has been important to us and we have had lots of positive feedback on the range. Customers are delighted with how realistic the plants are and the quality of the planter

Owned by Megan Randall, the business has been running for 4 years and has just introduced a new range of gift products which have been a big hit. This product has scope for a high level of sales
because of the wide range and unlimited potential of target customers. This year we have had a huge response for these products recently at Spring Fair Products.

Contact Megan
01403 617854
also find us on Instagram