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NPharus Ltd

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Unique B2B Software as a Service Opportunity to the Logistics/Delivery/Food Delivery sector

Start from £20k commission for the first year! All UK, can be international as well.

NPharus is now looking for ambitious, well-connected and established B2B sales agents to develop their UK business. Existing contacts to logistics companies e.g. DHL, TNT and Yodel etc. Previous tech sale experiences preferred but not necessary.

NPharus provides customer solutions for all kinds of logistics carrier services e.g. package delivery, grocery delivery, mail delivery and many more. Logistics carriers can also benefit:
• Provides live updates of the deliveries to their customer.
• Easy tool for delivery force to plan their delivery journey.
• Convenient communication channel between delivery force and customers
• iOS/Android APP for both logistics carrier users and their customer

Target categories can be:
Logistics, Post Offices,
and Internet / Web

APPs available on iOS App Store
and Google Play for
• NPharus View • NPharus Nav

Contact Haobin Song (07886226723 or info@npharus.co.uk)