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Novamed Europe ltd

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Earn up to 40% commission!

All UK

Looking for a sales agent for PPE products with 5% commission.

Target Market
Independent Pharmacies, Residential and Care Homes, Individual Users

Product Information
Adult Incontinence Products – Adult Nappies,Pull up Pants and Underpads Quality European products at affordable pricing

Agents Package
• Earn up to 40% commission on sales of our adult incontinence products
• Exclusive Territorial areas
• Qualified leads provided
• Complete Product Training
• Customer Support
• Fast delivery of products from UK warehouse

About Us
Novamed Europe Ltd. was formed in 2012 in the UK with the aim of brining innovative and high quality medical devices to the healthcare industry. We adhere to the principle of “Quality First”, always making an effort to offer our customers high-quality European manufactured products.

Contact Prableen Sethi Kohli on 01428 681 068 / 685 516 or email us on info@novamedeurope.com