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National Walk Ltd

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National Walks Ltd launched the UK’s first Veterans tribute walk project in Sunderland in 2016 and already has nearly 600 plaques laid in the City’s ornamental park next to the Cenotaph. Our key point of difference is that we want to create a lasting TRIBUTE to all who have served, and not just those who have passed away in conflict. We receive many requests from around the country for similar local projects and are now looking for independent sales professionals with strong links into Local Authorities to establish schemes across the UK in partnership with National Walks Ltd.

Our company has created all the necessary supply chain logistics including raw materials, badge libraries, on-line ordering, design and proofing systems and we want to supply the completed stones for other projects across the UK. In addition, we make a contribution from revenues to Armed Forces charities –.nationalveteranswalk.co.uk for more information.

Agents will need to liaise with authorities to initially establish if there is a desire for such a scheme locally, explore possible locations and co-ordinate the technical aspects of path design and layout with Council Engineering departments – National Walks will provide full support during this process but expect the agents to initially create the demand. The project is self-funding as individuals or families buy the specific stones, so it is not a drain on budgets – the Council just needs to enable the process. In return, you will receive a commission for each stone for as long as the project lasts. The Sunderland project works on 2 installations per year and annual volumes are between 150 and 200 stones in this one location.

Annual earnings opportunity in excess of £25k p.a. with no ceiling

If you are interested in this unique opportunity please contact Rob Deverson at admin@nationalveteranswalk.co.uk or call mobile 07771 864690.