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Leading innovations in your range!

Cleaning & Coating
For Professional and Personal use

About Us

NANOGO Detailing LTD is a UK based chemical company focused on wholesaling and retailing all types of products based on nanotechnological innovations designed to make life easier and more environmentally friendly. We have an extensive catalogue of innovative products specifically designed to meet customer needs.

All of our products are made in an environmentally friendly manner, free from aggressive chemicals, contaminants such as chlorine or acids, which can affect our environment or damage the ozone layer. We only use materials and production processes that meet regulatory standards. Protecting the environment is a full-time job for us, and we need to become a strong advocate of environmental protection by adapting our production processes to balance our work with the desire to care for the ecosystem.

Target Markets

Retailers and all industrial companies or corporations. For example, Car washes, Cleaning companies, Butcheries, Window cleaning services, Clothes manufacturers and cleaners, Building companies, Car detailers, Vehicle & Tyre repair garages, and all other companies you can think of. Everyone cleans and especially loves when cleanliness stays

Our Offer To You

  • Fast payouts
  • Easy to sell product
  • Complete flexibility
  • Full marketing support
  • Uncapped earning potential
  • Highest quality product & competitive prices
  • Legal Agreement provided (IF REQUIRED)

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The New Generation of exclusive NanoGo products presents the future of Cleaning & Coating today

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, send us your CV or phone us for more information
Mobile: 07552208842 | info@nanogo.co.uk | nanogo.co.uk

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