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CBD sales doubling year on year… don’t miss out!


Join the cannabis revolution … the market is on track to be worth £16.5 Billion in the next decade. The UK market is screaming out for a high quality and trustworthy CBD brands – be the one to bring it to them!

About us
Oldest government licensed cannabis company in the world. Est.1995 to produce a safe cannabis medicine. MariPharm were the first company to; Grow, Extract and Distribute legal medicinal cannabis products to tens of thousands of patients through pharmacies, hospitals and doctors, in the Netherlands. MariPharm has used this vast experience to create the worlds finest CBD products which have now been made available to the emerging UK market. Be amongst the first to get these high quality, pharmaceutical grade products onto the high street.

• 25-years’ experience and the first company in the world to ever be granted a government license to produce medicinal cannabis.
• All products undergo 2-years’ of stability studies before being released to the public.
• Bottles used are made from pharmaceutical grade glass to ensure the product doesn’t fade over time.
• Expanding product line.
• Trusted by major brands including; Cowshed, Harley Street Skin Clinic, Rudding Park and many more.

Target Markets
• Pharmacies
• Health Food Stores
• Health Clubs
• Salons
• Spas & Hotels
• Clinics

Geographical coverage:
All UK & Ireland
(incl. Republic of Ireland)

Agents Package
• 12.5% commission on all orders
• New products being developed to boost sales
• Marketing support and literature provided
• Exhibitions and PR to promote products

Please contact David Boden
Telephone: 07710525960

Email: david.boden@agentbase.com