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MBJ ‘Made by Julie’

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creating an accessible drink that embodies pleasure and joy.

New French Brut MBJ ‘Made by Julie’ Set To Shake Up Sparkling Wine Category
Award-winning, premium sparkling wine MBJ is bridging the gap between popular Italian Prosecco and traditionally expensive Champagne.

Commission rate of 10%
All needed samples provided for tasting.

I am exhibiting at I.D.E in London on Nov, 19th & 20th

About Our Wine
I produce French Sparkling Wine under private labels and also under my brand MBJ ‘Made by Julie: I use a blending with only French grape varieties and unique bottling process.

Target Market
Pub/ Clubs/ Restaurants/ Caterers/
Hotels/ Cafes
Wine Merchants
Wholesale and Distributors

About Us
I entered in the wine world in 1997 and spent the next 15 years working with one of the top wine merchants in Bordeaux. As I worked my way up from the back office to Export Director, I studied oenology at the University of Bordeaux.
In 2014 I began producing private label sparkling wine.

Encouraged by my success, I decided to
launch my own brand, Made By Julie.

Gold Medal in Women and Wine Spirit Award (London) – Silver Medal in Sakura Award (Tokyo) – Silver Medal in Sommelier Choice (San Francisco)