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Mac Place

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Your opportunity for maximum earnings are our priority

All UK including Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Product Information
Only Mac Place finds and delivers used telescopic handlers and construction machines. We provide “tailor-made machines” and the best technical, logistic and client support service.

Agents Package
Min. £1,000 for each machine sold!
High earnings guaranteed: UK is after the United States the world biggest market for telescopic handlers.
Your invoice is paid the same day you send it to Mac Place! Product training | Marketing support | Agency agreement
Your biggest benefit: the total support from Mac Plac

Target Markets

  • House construction
  • Road Construction
  • Industries
  • Civil protection
  • Military
  • Saw mills
  • Recycling-waste
  • Construction machines dealers
    Construction rental companies
  • Farmers Agriculture machine dealers
  • Agriculture contractors

About Us
Mac Place is your ultimate partner in the used telescopic handler and construction industry. We deliver perfect functioning used machines at the customers yard on time.
Mac Place started in 2010 and every year we grow our business!
Mac Place starts now in the UK and Ireland.
Mac Place is the best in class for used machines!


Mary Williams

Tel: +44(0)7747359797
Email: mary.williams@agentbase.com