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Earn 70% of revenue for first and second payments, and 20% of revenue for ALL ongoing payments

We’re one of Google’s fastest growing agencies, and we’re looking for your help to grow across the UK…

What is it exactly?
This is not Google Adwords or website SEO, this is Google listing optimisation – a unique and affordable service that specifically targets and improves how local businesses appear on Google.

Why your clients need Google’s latest listing update!
Google has just launched a number of amazing features for local listings that will:
• Increase rankings and generate more views online.
• Enhance engagement and create more enquires.
All your clients have a Google listing, but most will NOT know about these features. When they hear about them and how it will improve their business, they will want to get involved.

How we can help your clients:
Every business owner knows that if their local Google listing ranks well and looks good, they’ll get more customers through their doors. However, very few business owners have the time, or the
know-how, to make it happen.

Why the Google Listing Optimiser by Local Insights is the answer?
• This is a fully managed Google listing service.
• We use all of Google’s latest features to create maximum impact.
• Your client will have a dedicated Account Manager.
• We report all results during a monthly catch-up call.
• There is no tie-in contract. If we don’t deliver, your clients can simply cancel.
• We have a 5-star average review rating and a 90 percent customer retention rate.
• It’s just £49+VAT per month.

Our proven track record!
This product is special and an easy sell. Our sales partners currently cold call prospective clients and close hundreds of sales every week – imagine what you could do selling this service to your trusted network!

We offer industry-leading sales support and custom onboarding software that is tailor made for our B2B sales partners.

Email info@localinsights.co.uk or call 01727 582017 to find out more!