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Ethical lifestyle brand Klenze are

Covid-19 is expected to influence our lives long after a cure or vaccine is found. Alongside the short-term requirement of social distancing, healthy hand hygiene is the most significant long-term habit that we are all developing to avoid infection.


The Klenze touchless hand sanitiser eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination through squeezing a bottle or pressing a pump top. It automatically dispenses a pre-set amount of Klenze 70% ethanol-based alcohol sanitiser into the palm of the hand for immediate and effective protection. With adding the essence of essential oil of lavender and mandarin, the sanitiser leaves a pleasant aroma and helps lock in moisture even after frequent use.


The dispenser is portable and suitable for all settings in the home or business. It can be used in offices, retail, and hospitality – anywhere requiring safeguarding of employees or customers. The market is vast and demand high across all business sectors including schools, gyms, leisure centres, hospitals, hairdressers, barbers, care homes, garden centres, pubs, hotels, restaurants and many many more

We are offering a commission rate of between 10% and 33% depending on the sector sold into, there is great scope for significant earnings for ambitious Agents.

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